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tv   BBC World News  PBS  February 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> syria's uprising claims dozens more lives. more than 200 people have been killed in shelling in homs. the other day of street violence in egypt. at least 1200 are killed -- at least four people are killed, 1200 are injured. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to our viewers and america and around the globe. coming up a little later for you, hackers and there is law enforcement agencies in the u.s. and u.k. after intercepting a conversation between two on tackling cyber crime parent of european cold snap has claimed many lives. the victims are homeless people in the street. -- hackers in paris law
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enforcement agencies in the u.s. and u.k. after intersection a conversation between the two on tackling cyber crime. a european cold snap has claimed many lives. the victims are homeless people in the street. syrian activists say 200 people have been killed in the syrian city of homs. the syrian observatory for human rights said that mortar fire and hit one district. diplomats say that the u.n. security council is expected to vote on saturday on a resolution aimed at hoping to end the crisis. i spoke to an activist and he told me what he could see. >> they are shelling out side of this area. they are shooting and shelling. >> are they shooting into a
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residential area? >> yes, in a residential neighborhood. >> why are they doing that? is there someone there they are trying to target? >> they started the attack to and a half hours ago and we don't know the reason why. >> has anything happened on friday that brought the security forces there to justify why they are shooting? [shooting] >> oh, my god. >> i was just wondering if anything happened on friday to mean that the security forces have come to shoot at that neighborhood? >> no, no. this is the usual demonstrations
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on friday like usual. suddenly, two hours ago, maybe three hours ago, it started with the shelling. we don't know the reason why and nothing unusual happened this friday. >> are you getting any protection from the free syrian army? that is what they say they will do, protect civilians. have any free syrian army. we called them to tell them that we need back up. >> that was the eyewitness account of an anti-government activists speaking to me about an hour and a half ago. more on the u.n. resolution expected to go before the security council on saturday. this is aimed at helping to end
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the crisis in syria. it calls for bashar al-assad to step aside in favor of a deputy. after a month of negotiations, there is hope that this new resolution could be passed. >> momentum has been building here over the past couple of days. there has been a high-level meeting on the draft resolution. this backs an arab league peace plan for ending the crisis in syria and it is to have the president, bashar al-assad, a delegate power to a deputy. russia has objected to certain parts of the latest draft on the table. diplomats here said it did not submit formally any amendments. late in the afternoon, a vote was called back to be held on saturday morning. it is not clear how russia will vote. there is some hope here among diplomats that this time, things
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could be different. the text has already been revised several times to try to meet russian concerns, particularly concerns that this ze regime change. hillary clinton and did the russian foreign minister spoke about this on telephone. perhaps the vote will help to focus their minds on this issue. at any rate, it is adding to the debate over syria is coming to a climax. >> of violence in cities across egypt have left at least four people dead and more than a thousand injured. why police in the central of cairo fired tear gas at protesters. -- riot police in the central of cairo fired tear gas.
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>> the battle lines have been drawn up outside of egypt's interior ministry. into the night, the fighting continues. protesters hurled rocks at why police, they fired tear gas back. -- protesters hurled rocks at riot beliefs. most of those killed in the stadium were crushed in a stampede by rival fans. the police and the military authorities are blamed. demonstrators say it is time for the supreme council of the armed forces to hand over power. >> after what happened at the soccer match, after what happened during the past one year, we are looking for them to
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step down. it is no longer their role and rule and we believe they should leave their position. >> the unrest reached other parts of the country. here in alexandria, demonstrators carried a football club flag. in the port city of suez, fighting with police has left at least two people dead. two people were also killed in cairo and more than a thousand injured. anger over the football deaths combined with widespread frustration at it like of reform and a growing sense of insecurity -- at a lack of reform and a growing sense of insecurity. many egyptians fear they could be watching a further breakdown in law and order. >> of the united states army has confirmed that private bradley
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manning will face a court- martial for allegedly leaking military secrets. he's accused of giving hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the wikileaks web site. >> bradley manning, the u.s. army intelligence analyst facing a military court martial for his alleged involvement in the leaking of hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. documents to wikileaks. he was arrested in may, 2010, while serving in iraq. it is alleged that he leaked this classified video showing an incident in baghdad in which american forces killed civilians. the footage and hundreds of thousands of secret documents and videos were made public by wikileaks. they detail the abuses in iraq and afghanistan. the top-secret opinions of u.s. diplomats around the world. it was the biggest leak of classified information in american history.
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his lawyers portray him as a fragile and mentally unstable gunman, unable to be open about his, sexually. -- his lawyers portray him as a fragile and mentally unstable young man. so far, no date has been set for the court-martial. if convicted, bradley manning could be imprisoned for life. >> at britain's energy secretary chris huhne has resigned from the cabinet after learning that he and his wife will face charges for perverting the course of justice. he and his wife had accepted penalty speeding points on her record on his behalf. chris huhne said he was innocent and he would fight the charges in court. >> it began with their marriage breaking up, it could end in
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prison. today, chris huhne lost his job in prison. heat and his wife will see each other in court. -- he and his wife will see each other in court. evidence was given on the police investigation. >> all of the available evidence including the new material has now been carefully considered and we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against both individuals for perverting the court of justice. >> the prime minister and deputy minister made clear to chris huhne that the fight to clear his name would have to be made outside of the government. >> i am confident that a jury will agree. to avoid any distraction towards my official duties or my
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child a sense, i am standing down and resigning as energy and climate change secretary. >> it might seem like a long time since chris huhne sent out these leaflets, asking where he would be without his family. his wife was with him at the count on election night in 2010. there, the woman that he was having an affair with. chris huhne would win the seat but lose his wife. in 2003, when he was a member of the european parliament, he flew into a standstill at airport from brussels. his car was caught by speed cameras. his wife received three penalty points for the offense. 8 years later in the aftermath of the divorce, the sunday times asked price about rumors that
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huhne ask someone to except speeding points for him. yes, he did, she said. he does drive a bit like a maniac. days later, a labor mp asked police to open an investigation. today, mrs. price posed for the cameras. there was a statement which said, she wanted to see a quick resolution of the case. chris huhne's absence will be noticed most around the cabinet table. heat twice staged angry confrontations with the prime minister as embarrassed colleagues looked on. nicolette may be sorry but perhaps a little nervous. -- nick clegg may be sorry but
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perhaps a little nervous. he just barely peek out chris huhne -- beat out chris huhne two -- he juspolitics does not wait for the slow turning wheels of justice. another liberal democrat is the new secretary of state for energy and climate change. chris huhne did eventually lose his driving license, he lost his wife, and today, his cabinet career. he is fighting not just to save his reputation but his freedom. >> this is "bbc news," still ahead -- not one vote for putin. the pro-democracy movement is preparing for another mass protest.
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the english football association has decided to strip john kerry of the england captain see what he faces charges of abusing another player. -- has decided to strip john terry of the england captaincy while he faces charges of abuse and another player. >> i have been capt. before. i'm just try to concentrate on playing for manchester united. i am happy playing good football for manchester united. if i am selected for the squad, i would be delighted. blame for your country is a great achievement. -- - playing
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playing for your country is a great achievement. >> this is "bbc news." syria's uprising claims more lives. more than 200 people have been killed in shelling in homs. another day of violence in egypt, four people killed, more than 1000 injured. the fbi and the metropolitan police have launched a criminal investigation after computer hackers intersected a conference call in which officers were discussing their efforts against hacking. the conversation revealed details of joint operations and the date of planned arrests. >> a supposedly secure conference call last month between cyber crime detectives. >> hello. >> hello?
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what specialist from the metropolitan police unit talking to fbi -- >> specialists from the metropolitan unit talking to the fbi about internet hackers. one of the very groups they are targeting has in turn half into this conversation and published it on the internet. -- hacked into this conversation and published it on the internet. >> there is a big conference. >> the detectives have no idea that their adversaries will hear this. they discuss specific and current cases. >> we need to set back the arrests until we know what is happening and the prosecution counsel is making an application to seek a way to do this without looking suspicious. >> calling card says no operational risks have been identified but this is still
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highly embarrassing. -- scotland yard says no operational risks have been identified. >> this is really quite shocking that the people who are supposed to be prosecuting hacking allegations have actually been hacked themselves and this could jeopardize the conversation. >> members of the group anonymous were seen among the many protesters but who are they? they are a loose gathering of internet hackers, anarchists, and free speech defenders. the guy fawkes masks are one of their trademarks. they have attacked the websites of the u.s. department of justice, the cia, and sony. they are causing headaches in high places over here. the listening station is part of
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a massive government investment in cyber security. for all of their resources, the british and u.s. government have shown that sometimes they can be haussmann did by the people they're trying to catch. -- they can be outsmarted by the people that they're trying to catch. >> more than 100 people have died of hyperthermia in the ukraine. in poland, 8 people have died in the past 24 hours because of the cold there. italy is experience its coldest week in 27 years. there is a shortage of russian fuel supplies in 8 different countries. >> this is not the arctic, this is europe, and a white world of snow and ice that has descended across much of the continent. in ukraine, temperatures fell below minus 30 degrees celsius. this cost travel chaos. many countries have been reduced
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to a crawl. roads, railways, airports, all affected. in serbia, delays and frustration. >> i have had a lot of difficulties in traffic. it took me 45 minutes to cover a distance i would usually cover in 10 minutes. >> so far, nearly 200 people have died in europe poe's freez. the authorities face a huge challenge to keep their countries running. many areas have no electricity. in russia, icebreakers are being used to reach some towns. the locals are taking a more risky route. italy is experiencing the coldest week in 27 years with a rare snow storm in years. >> i am from michigan.
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it is not knowing there but it is snowing in rome. >> some had time to enjoy the snow. -- it is not snowing there. >> the freezing weather has brought misery and is expected to continue well into february. >> the unemployment rate in the u.s. has fallen to its lowest level in 36 months. 243,000 jobs were created last month, more than any time since last april. president obama says the figures show that the economy is speeding up. >> the president of the united states. >> barack obama has the economic wind at his back during a visit to the fire station. the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in three years. >> the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is beating out.
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we have to do everything in our power to keep it going. -- the recovery is speeding up. >> campaigning in nevada, republican presidential front runner mitt romney acknowledged the positive economic news but speaking to local business leaders, he said it had little to do with the policies of this administration. >> they have slowed down the recovery, made it more difficult. as a result, american families are suffering. businesses have laid off people and having a hard time rebuilding. politics,ond the friday's report is confirmation -- >> beyond the politics, friday's report is confirmation that there is momentum. factories created 50,000 positions. with factories across america hiring, this manufacturing
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program cannot turn out trained workers fast enough. >> the local companies we are feeling it with our begging us almost to get the young high school students recruited into our program. questor program was developed with help from several leading local manufacturers thought >> -- >> the program was developed with help from several leading local manufacturers. the jobs are there for those with the right training. >> one of the big problems we have had as manufacturers is that there is not enough skilled talent to run these machines effectively. >> 100% of students are likely to find jobs when they graduate from this class. for many americans looking for work, the jobs climate is not improving fast enough.
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>> to russia now where tens of thousands of people are expected to march through moscow on saturday as part of ongoing protest against suspected fraud by the prime minister vladimir putin in the parliamentary elections two months ago. the protests are meant to keep up pressure on mr. putin and the presidential elections. >> there has been no backing off in the new year in the battle for cleanup russian elections. this was a raid by democracy activists on a theater where hundreds of signatures were being forced on the nomination papers of a presidential candidate. -- were being forged on the nomination papers of a presidential candidate. thousands of volunteers are trying to beat but election observers. many of them are fired up by allegations of cheating. the students were approached to join a group of young people
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hate to go around illegally voting again and again for vladimir putin's party. -- the students were approached to join a group of young people paid to go around illegally voting. >> we would go to each polling station and show our passports. when the person saw the apple sticker, they knew what to do. >> this was one of the many polling stations where the young couple voted. they went to over 40 in the area. this gives a scale of the institutional conspiracy to rig the election. although he was an official observer, this man watched
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perilously as the results of his polling station where changed. -- this man watched helplessly as the results of his police station were change. >> i was so upset, i could not go to bed. i took time from writing a report that was posted on the internet. >> it was these examples of blatant fraud that brought tens of thousands of protesters out into the streets of moscow december and will again this weekend. some estimates suggest that that rare putin's party stole 10% of the vote. -- some estimates suggest that vladimir putin's party stole 10% of the vote. there is little chance that he will not return to the kremlin. >> you can find more on the stories on the bbc website.
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